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How is Our House staffed? Back to top ↑

Our House is staffed from 9:00 — 5:00 Mondays through Thursdays and 9:00 — 12:00 Fridays by our volunteer staff. In addition, Cancer Care Coordinator Becky Elwell is at Our House from 9:00 — 1:00 weekdays. Evenings and nights our resident manager, Jodie Snook, is on the premises. Our volunteers are available to give support and assistance. Many of our volunteers have themselves been cancer patients or their lives have been touched in some way by cancer.

How long may I stay? Back to top ↑

Guests may stay as long as treatment lasts, often 7 or 8 weeks. Guests stay 4 nights a week, returning to their own homes after treatment or by 12:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon and returning for treatment on Monday. Personal items may be left in your bedroom over the weekend. Our House is not open on weekends.

What about meals? Back to top ↑

Guests are responsible for the purchase and preparation of food for their own use. Space to store food items in the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator is allocated.

What do I need to bring? Back to top ↑

Guests need only bring their personal items (clothing, toiletries, medications) and food for their use. Bed linens and towels are provided. Our kitchen is well stocked with staples, cooking utensils, and appliances. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at Our House.

Is smoking permitted at Our House? Back to top ↑

For the comfort and health of our guests, smoking is not permitted in the house but in a designated area outside.

What are my responsibilities? Back to top ↑

Guests are responsible for their own food preparation, clean-up, and daily upkeep of their bedroom.

Who may stay at Our House? Back to top ↑

Our guests are adult cancer patients from out of the area who need to receive treatment. They may be accompanied and share a room with a supportive family member or friend. Children are not permitted to stay or visit at Our House. Guests are referred by their doctors or staff at the Cancer Center. Guests unable to take care of their personal needs (i.e. food preparation, bathing, dressing) must be accompanied by a caregiver. No pets are permitted at Our House.

What is the cost of staying at Our House? Back to top ↑

For those able to contribute, a donation of $20 per night is requested.